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Our policy

We are so excited to have you join us! I'm sure you have lots of questions, concerns and curiosity of what's in store. Well let's just say we have lots of answers. The Kidz N Heart child care program is designed to meet the needs of working families. We are licensed with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Kidz N Heart complements rather than duplicates the school day by giving children the opportunity to explore and build on individual interest and skills. Students can relax and unwind, join a special interest group, play table and board games, and socialize with peers and adults. For further information please become familiar with our parent handbook and enrichment schedules.

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Kidz N Heart Photo Consent Form

Kidz N Heart Parent Survey


Kidz N Heart Parent Handbook




Benefits for Parent and Child

Safe Place to hang after school

Building skills to enhance learning and relationships

Experience new activities in arts, culture like skills and recreation

Build Leadership Skills

Connect with Peers

Place to practice developing language skills

Attendance and grade improvement

Benefits for the School

Decrease achievement gaps

English language learners through experience and support

Linking enrichnent to school day curriculum

Decrease in risky behavior during peak hours

Homework completion in a structured setting

Parent and community involvement

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