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Nurturing Childcare Services
Kidz N Heart child care center
provides safe and nurturing childcare services, before/after school, summer camp and directors program.

The purpose of these programs are to help students gain rigorous knowledge, skills, and experiences to succeed in school, college and/or careers. We equip our students with the tool they need for future happiness and success, awhile incorporating a variety of educational theories.

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Academic Enrichment
We're passionate about providing

a wide range of exceptional and affordable enrichment, child-care and recess programs before, after and summer to as many students, parents and schools as possible. We believe in systematic thinking and systematic execution.

Literacy and Mathematics


Math, Science and Technology

Peer Connection

Physical Play Indoor/Outdoor

Team Building

Engagement, Choice and Exploration

Social and Emotional Learning

I Do, You Do, We Do!

Homework Help


Self-Directed Inquiry

Hands-on Projects 

TEK Learning

Collaborative Work

Inclusive Care (according to need)

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